Why Businesses Sponsor Grass Roots?

When you consider why a business sponsors a community group (such as a primary school or a sporting club), there can really only be four reasons; –

  1. A Donation- The business wants you to succeed and doesn’t expect anything in return;
  2. Public Relations- The business wants to be seen to be contributing to the group;
  3. Return on Investment- The business sees the investment into your group as an opportunity to grow sales; and
  4. A combination of the above 3.

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Building Peer Support for Healthier Communities

As well as rolling out the greatest tool to support community groups since …… well ever, the COZ Marketing team has worked with the WACFL and Avon Football Association to develop a Peer Support Program to educate country football players on issues around Mental Health and Illegal Drugs.

Regional Western Australia and the Wheatbelt region has some concerning statistics around drugs and alcohol abuse (comparatively) and the Peer Support Program gives players the skills on how to recognise the signs and positively refer when a team mate or community member needs help. Continue reading “Building Peer Support for Healthier Communities”

The Road to Nowhere – Inefficiencies of Committees

Working in a role where for seven years I oversaw almost 200 committees and personally managed a couple more, I was able to get a good understanding of what does and doesn’t make a committee at grassroots level function.

Unfortunately, it was all too familiar having the old and stagnant committees in play, who were not only unable to effectively manage todays problems, they were scaring tomorrows future leaders away from any potential involvement in the club setting the club back years. Continue reading “The Road to Nowhere – Inefficiencies of Committees”

5 Sponsorship Tips

*Work out where your community are spending money- your best chance of securing sponsorship is to work out which businesses you, your group and your broader community are spending money.

This is common sense really, but a lot of groups don’t do it. As an example, if your players frequent a particular hotel after each match, have a conversation with the hotel about becoming a partner and hosting some events. Perhaps you could also purchase your supplies through them exclusively. If your group has 10x events per annum and people drive long distances to attend the events, the local service station will more than likely benefit from people filling up their cars. Maybe they will be receptive to a sponsorship to help your success and growth as it is in their best interests. Continue reading “5 Sponsorship Tips”