5 Sponsorship Tips

*Work out where your community are spending money- your best chance of securing sponsorship is to work out which businesses you, your group and your broader community are spending money.

This is common sense really, but a lot of groups don’t do it. As an example, if your players frequent a particular hotel after each match, have a conversation with the hotel about becoming a partner and hosting some events. Perhaps you could also purchase your supplies through them exclusively. If your group has 10x events per annum and people drive long distances to attend the events, the local service station will more than likely benefit from people filling up their cars. Maybe they will be receptive to a sponsorship to help your success and growth as it is in their best interests.

Additionally, if your group is spending money at a butcher – buying sausages for a fundraiser – rather than pay for the sausages, the butcher may give them to the group as a sponsorship effectively saving you money and improving your bottom line. This is referred to as contra product. Finally, it is human nature that businesses would rather support groups they know support them.

* Work out your assets- A lot of groups struggle to know what they can offer sponsors. This is really like asking yourself how long is as piece of string. As many good assets as you can create in your mind, is how many assets you can sell to a sponsor.

An example may be a football club that has 7x home games each season. They could offer 7x Match Day sponsorships to 7 businesses who get naming rights to that particular round. Even if this was for $500 each, it is an additional $3,500 in the club’s coffers.

Establishing the assets you wish to sell sponsors should be thought through prior to approaching them and when you have 3-4 options up your sleeve, you can move sponsors towards the option that best suits their business with regards to price, exposure and their objectives.

This way the group wins, but the sponsor also feels like they’ve had a win as the sponsorship aligns better to their goals.

* Overdeliver- It always helps re-sign sponsors knowing that you have overdelivered on the benefits you provided rather then underdelivered. Most sponsors will be realistic with regards to their expectations but as well as doing what you committed to;

* Keeping them aware of the highlights of the club;
* Where and when they received promotion;
* Inviting them to extra functions; and,
* Push customers to them when opportunities present.
The above will ensure they come back year on year and see you as fantastic value.

* Supporting those who support us- for some people this is a foreign concept to make the connection that when a business sponsors a group, they are helping keep the costs of the group / end user/ you down. Simply put, if sponsors pulled their money, the group would either have to increase their fundraising activates; cut costs; absorb a loss; or pass on an increase in levies to the participants.

This is being witnessed in junior sport nationwide where committees are opting to jack up prices, they charge families rather than traditional fundraising.

The big losers are the kids whose parents can’t afford for them to participate.

Groups should be focusing our attention on supporting our loyal sponsors and reiterating to the community to keep supporting sponsors where possible as it helps keep the cost to participating in the activity low. As with most communication, telling people once may not be enough, so keep reminding them regularly.

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