Building Peer Support for Healthier Communities

As well as rolling out the greatest tool to support community groups since …… well ever, the COZ Marketing team has worked with the WACFL and Avon Football Association to develop a Peer Support Program to educate country football players on issues around Mental Health and Illegal Drugs.

Regional Western Australia and the Wheatbelt region has some concerning statistics around drugs and alcohol abuse (comparatively) and the Peer Support Program gives players the skills on how to recognise the signs and positively refer when a team mate or community member needs help.

Mental Health continues to be a challenge for a growing number of Australians, and the isolation and challenges of life in the country can lead to feelings of hopelessness which can lead to mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Staying connected in these tough times is critical, and well-run football and sporting clubs can play a key role in establishing or maintaining a community’s resilience when times get tough.

Utilising our vast experience of grassroots sport and a passion for community development, the program has the potential to build an army of Peer Support Leaders around the state who ‘look out for their mates’ and can plug them in to local service providers.

With a successful pilot now complete, phase 2 of the program will commence in the coming months. For information on the program contact

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