COZ APP is the greatest tool to support Community Groups since….. well ever.

This is the only APP of its kind in the marketplace.

COZ APP was created to support you – Community Based Organisations.

With over a decade of experience in the Sporting and Others sector, our team knows how challenging it can be to compete for corporate investment whilst being under resourced and trying not to lose focus on your core business.

Imagine for a second….. what would be possible if you had just a little bit of extra funding to support your organisation? New equipment, enhanced programs, better facilities, an extra staff member.

COZ APP will help you achieve your vision by helping you capitalise on your Membership Database and link you perfectly to local businesses. Your Supporters access Discounts and Special Promotions by supporting your Sponsors.

It’s a Win – Win – Win.

Registering your Group is free and should only take 5 minutes. Register by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy COZ APP.