The Road to Nowhere – Inefficiencies of Committees

Working in a role where for seven years I oversaw almost 200 committees and personally managed a couple more, I was able to get a good understanding of what does and doesn’t make a committee at grassroots level function.

Unfortunately, it was all too familiar having the old and stagnant committees in play, who were not only unable to effectively manage todays problems, they were scaring tomorrows future leaders away from any potential involvement in the club setting the club back years.

I think most of us know traits of what a poor committee looks like; –

  1. No Transparency
  2. No Successes
  3. Negative
  4. Isolating
  5. No Plan

Committees don’t need hundreds of ingredients to be successful but rather, I think in can be narrowed down to half a dozen key factors including: –

  1. Good Governance
  2. Good People
  3. An Excellent Leader
  4. Good Culture
  5. A Sound Financial Model
  6. An Appetite for Continual Improvement

5 key things for a committee to focus on to get immediate improvement are: –

  1. Reporting / Transparency – ensure the committees conduct is above board and would hold up to external scrutiny. Minutes and action items assist with transparency and hold one another more accountable.
  2. Having the Time to Contribute – ensure those involved in the committee actually have time to attend meetings and contribute otherwise, they are just filling a seat and holding back a potential contributor.
  3. Having the Skills to Contribute – ideally all committee people will be able to use their unique skills to benefit the whole. Assign portfolios based on each other’s strengths.
  4. Creating the Culture to Flourish – Challenge each other to be better every year. Set about being the best Group in the region and go and do it by engaging, perfecting and trying new things.
  5. Strategic Direction – set a 3-year strategic plan with some ambitious yet achievable recommendations for the committee to work towards in each year. (see Strategic Plan article)

If your committee needs a shot in the arm to get you on the right path and set up for success, contact to discuss a future planning session.

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