What is COZ APP?

COZ APP is the first APP in the world to assist community groups better promote their sponsors by connecting them to their community (for mutual benefit).

For decades community groups have been asking local business for financial support in the form of a sponsorship.

Unfortunately, whilst almost everything else in our community has evolved, what we (as groups) have offered sponsors to leverage their investment in our group has stayed pretty much the same.

Whether it be a business logo on uniforms or a sign on a wall, the only real advancement in sponsor servicing over the past two decades has been the internet and the ability to provide sponsors some promotion on the group’s website.

To counter this, the internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities for other business competitors to encroach on your community’s expenditure and eat into the sponsor’s market.

Ask yourself the question, if I needed a plumber, would I use the guy whose logo is on the back of our group’s uniforms or would I just google “plumber”?

An eye opener for me was when I coached a team for one year, and at the end of the season I had no idea what the club’s major sponsor (whose logo was on the front of our uniforms) actually did. As it turned out they were an insurance broker who invested a significant amount of money into the club.

COZ APP allows groups to take their sponsor servicing to another level by placing their business directory on their communities’ smartphones. Effectively providing sponsors the best opportunity to capitalise on their sponsorship by driving sales from the community.

So, if I need to take out an insurance policy, I search “Insurance” on COZ APP and the sponsor appears and we can interact.

COZ APP really is a no brainer for groups wanting to better service their sponsors – as well as growing their sponsorship revenue.

The real value a community group has is its ability to connect and influence a significant number of local people and this ability alone, is what will excite local businesses and hopefully encourage them to sponsor your group.

To register your group and get started on COZ APP, click here. You and your sponsors will be glad you did.

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